COVID-19 Response

I know that the situation concerning COVID-19, or the coronavirus is leaving many with uncertainty. Information seems to change daily, and nobody seems to know what will eventually happen. I want to say upfront that we do not have all the answers. However, I do want you to know that we love you. It is because of this we wanted you to be aware that we are taking some measures in the coming weeks that will help us reduce the impact of this virus on our congregation.

  • We will continue to meet for services at this time
  • We are only going to use the facilities for services on Sunday/Wednesday for the time being
  • While we are at church, we will have designated greeters to open the doors for you
  • We will be eliminating the meet and greet time during the congregational hymn. Please refrain from handshakes to minimize the chance of transmission
    • We know you love one another, its ok if we don’t shake hands
  • Only the ushers will handle the offering plates to cut down on transmission of germs
  • Please use good hand hygiene washing your hands/using hand sanitizer
  • If you are sick or show any symptoms, please do not come to church
    • If you show up and appear to be sick, the greeters will ask you to go home.
    • This is for the health of others in attendance, do not feel obligated by duty to come
    • If you are sick, please pass this information to our deacons so we can pray for you and minister to you during this time
  • If you are not comfortable due to underlying health issues or are >60 again don’t feel obligated to come. While you will be missed, your health is very important to us
    • If you decide not to come please inform the deacons so we can keep a regular check on you, to encourage you while you are not with us.
  • Vicky will be cleaning the church more often, with an increased emphasis on disinfecting the church.
  • For the time being, visitation will cease, for fear of carrying something to our homebound senior adults.
    • As a deacon board we will be reaching out via telephone.
    • Don’t neglect to call each other during this time to check on other members. Continue to share the love of Christ, encouraging one another even if we are not able to physically be together.
    • If there is a particular need that warrants an in-person visit, please reach out to the deacons.

As I said earlier the information concerning this virus is rapidly changing. We are committed as the deacon board to meet regularly to discuss any further changes we might have to make in the future. Any changes, including the cancelation of services will be passed along by social media and the phone tree. We love you and may we all pray for those who are and will be affected by this virus.

Published by Rev. Kevin Kilby

This is the public page for Woodville Baptist Church in Mount Airy, NC.

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